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With over 18 years of experience, Wilson Legal Planning is ready to help you. Whether you are primarily concerned with providing for your young children, protecting your assets, caring for your spouse or creating a legacy, Rebecca Wilson has the expertise to guide you to a plan that will set your mind at ease.

Wilson Legal Planning
Estate Planning & Elder Law, Sioux Falls

Areas of Expertise

Estate Planning

Rebecca Wilson can create a comprehensive estate plan for you including powers of attorney, living wills, wills and/or trusts to manage your estate throughout your lifetime and following your death.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

When your loved one cannot manage their affairs due to their age or disability, Rebecca Wilson can help you obtain a guardianship and conservatorship so you can step in and care for them.

Elder Law

If you or your spouse are concerned about future long-term care costs and Medicaid, Rebecca Wilson can help to protect your assets and maximize the benefits you receive from your estate.

Special Needs Trusts

If your loved one has a disability, Rebecca Wilson can create a special needs trusts to provide for their inheritance without compromising the government benefits they receive.

Probate & Trust Administration

Rebecca Wilson can help you nagivage the process of transferring the assets of a loved one following their death through a probate or trust administration.

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About Wilson Legal Planning

Wilson Legal Planning is focused on helping individuals plan for the future to ensure that they and their loved ones are proteced and provided for no matter what life brings. Rebecca Wilson founded Wilson Legal Planning after practicing in the field of estate planning and elder law for 18 years. Rebecca’s practice remains focused on estate planning, elder law, probate and trust administration.  She enjoys working with her clients to help them understand their options and choose the best fit for their family.    

Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Yale University with distinction.  She graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School.  

Rebecca is a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, the Sioux Falls Estate Planning Council and the South Dakota Bar Association’s Elder Law Committee.  She has also served as a board member, and now as the President, of the SD Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for the past 11 years.  Rebecca is a frequent presenter on the topics of estate planning and elder law in the community.